Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visitors, visitors, and more visitors--most of them welcome

What an onslaught this weekend! That whole thing about limiting the number of visitors when you have a newborn? Out the window. Here's what our weekend looked like:

Saturday, 9:00 am: In groggy state, get wake-up call from out of town friend I hadn't seen in 20 years who was coming for a visit--and would be at the nearby BART station in less than 5 minutes!

9:30 am: Arrive back at house with friend, her husband, and bag of bagels. After several minutes of admiring Max, we regale Sarah with tales of yore from our '89 Europe tour until 11:30, when time comes for run to airport.

noon: Drop off friend and her husband at airport, say goodbye (hopefully not for 20 years).

12:30 pm: Arrive back at home just as my father-in-law, grandfather-in-law, and stepbrother-in-law pull up to house for a visit with Max.

2:30 pm: Collection of various in-laws departs, and Sarah and I take Max for a walk around the neighborhood.

3:00 pm: Sarah and I somehow are bamboozled into letting a Kirby vacuum salesman into our house and proceed to be subjected to 2-hour-plus sales presentation. Salesman is very nice guy and Kirby vacuum is impressive, but he doesn't seem to get message that hey, we have a newborn, and we're not about to drop two grand on a vacuum cleaner, no matter how much disgusting crap it pulls out of our rugs and furniture!

5:30 pm: Kirby salesman finally leaves, but not before Sarah's best friend and her husband arrive from Tahoe for their first visit with Max.

7:30 pm: Friends depart, and Sarah and I collapse in a heap on the bed, hoping for a good night's sleep after our 10-hour marathon.

Midnight: Max is in his third hour of being pretty cranky, and sleep is looking better all the time.

Sunday, 2:30 am-3:30: Middle-of-night feeding, with groggy Sarah nursing and groggy me changing diaper.

5:30 am: Early morning feeding. Sarah lets me sleep for reasons that are still unclear to me, and she handles everything. I wake up at 6:15, having miraculously slept through the whole thing.

11:45 am: Sarah and I get into tiff because I really want to go down to basement to watch football despite the fact that she has family members arriving shortly. Not surprisingly, I quickly lose this argument.

Noon: My mother-in-law, stepfather-in-law and sister-in-law arrive for visit with Max. Stepfather-in-law nearly breaks neck walking up stairs to house, and then proceeds to spend 84% of the visit talking about how he wants to leave by 2 pm to beat the holiday weekend traffic. To which mother-in-law says, eloquently, "shut up."

2:30 pm: Max's clear call to nurse gives my stepfather-in-law the escape hatch he needs, and this second group of in-laws departs. No one falls going down the stairs.

Soon to come: Intensive visits from my out-of-town family members. But first things first--tomorrow morning is Max's first pediatrician appointment. Here's hoping there's some decent sleep on the horizon tonight...

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